Jakarta, UIN News Online – UIN Jakarta held socialization in SMA Diponegoro 1, Jakarta, Tuesday, (1/31). The socialization is intended to provide the information related to new student’s admission for 2017/2018 academic year.

Present at the socialization, the Bureau Head of Academic Administration and Cooperation (BAAKK) Drs. H. Zaenal Arifin, M.Pd.I as the speakers, accompanied by Sub-division Head of Academic Information Masruri, S.Ag, administrator at UIN Jakarta Academic Affairs Dede Komariah SPd and administrator at UIN Jakarta Publication and Documentation department Luthfy Rijalul Fikri SSosI.

During his presentation, Zaenal explained the steps and techniques that need to be taken by the school and the students in order to be able to enroll at State Universities. According to Zaenal, today, UIN Jakarta has gained International recognition. UIN Jakarta also established international cooperation with foreign Universities and Institution. Therefore, UIN Jakarta graduates is now will be more accepted in ASEAN labor market.

“UIN Jakarta will provide SKPI (Diploma Supplement Certificate) to all Graduates. Do not hesitate to choose UIN Jakarta as the place to continue your study,” said Zaenal.

For information, the socialization is lasted for one hour and ends with Q&A session. Most of the participants were asking about the enrollment systems and the facilities provided by UIN Jakarta to its students. (im)


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