Auditorium Building, UIN NEWS Online – The participants of the Annual Members Meeting (RAT) UIN Jakarta Cooperative agreed on continuation of the cooperative efforts despite the critical condition. That is important because the cooperative is still needed for the welfare of lecturers and employees of UIN Jakarta.

The deal was taken at the 45th Cooperative RAT UIN Jakarta in 2017 which was held in Auditorum Harun Nasution, Tuesday (28/02/2017). RAT was attended by the Board, the regulatory body, as well as a number of members. Several UIN Jakarta board of leaders also attended the meeting, they are Vice Rector of Cooperation and Head of Academic Administration and Cooperation Drs Zaenal Arifin MPdI. The meeting was chaired by Dr Acep Muhib, Program Secretary of Magister Agribusiness Faculty of Science and Technology.

In that short and simple RAT, the cooperative management and supervisory accommodate the majority opinion that calls for UIN Jakarta cooperative business continues. The decision was reached after receiving feedback from the participants and consideration of the beneficiaries. Although there are some participants who declined, but the hearing finally concluded that the Cooperative UIN Jakarta is still feasible to continue.

 “Because the majority wants to resume UIN Jakarta Cooperative, then we close the RAT by chanting Alhamdulilah,” said Acep.

As known, UIN Jakarta Cooperative activities had experienced a vacuum in quite a long period. It happens because there is a long mismanagement in its management, especially in financial management, resulting in a prolonged chaos.

In order to save the assets and businesses, in 2015, a few members then took the initiative to elect a new board, consisting of the management board and supervisory bodies for the 2016-2019 periods. New board formed is Chairman Dra Mahmudah Fitriyah ZA MPd , Secretary Feni Arifiani MH, and Treasurer Indah Purwastuti SE. While the body of Trustees, Chairman Ir Achmad Nugraha Tjachja MP and two members Djaka Badranaya MPd , and Drs. Subarja ME. The new management has been officially confirmed by the Office of Small and Medium Enterprises Cooperative South Tangerang City No. 518/91 / Bid.Kop / 2016 dated May 19, 2016.

However, until towards the end of the RAT, the trial has not decide the names that will fit into the team. (ns)

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