Rector Building, UIN NEWS online– Following the policy of the Ministry’s Secretary of Indonesia Republic on the application of Information Systems Official Overseas Travel (SIMPEL) began in 2017, the Ministry of Religious Affairs (MORA) Representatives requested the officials and staff of the Ministry of Religious Affairs contemplating Official Overseas Travel to observe the procedure of processing official overseas travel 2017 documents.

 This policy addresses by Circular Letter of the Ministry of Religious Affairs No. 08.05/SJB/B.V/4/Kp.02.3/1/2017 dated January 12, 2017, Applies to the Inspector General Ministry of Religious Affairs; The Director-General in the Environment Ministry of Religious Affairs, Head of Research and Training for Religious, the Bureau Chief and Head of the Environment Secretary General, the head of the Regional Office of the Ministry of Religion, the rector of UIN, IAIN, and IHDN, the Chairman of the College of Religious Affairs and the Head of Office Training/Center for Religious Research. The letter signed by the Secretary General Prof Dr Nur Syam MSI contained seven information on how to process official overseas travel documents. First, Ministry secretary of state will process the permit via online through SIMPEL system and will be put into operation starting January 15, 2017

Second, Official Employees within the Ministry of Religious Affair who would do official overseas travel need to have written permission from Ministry Secretary of State, both financed from the state budget and non-state budget. Third, if up to the dates proposed, which has not yet received the written consent from Ministry Secretary; it is concerned not permitted to carry out official overseas travel;

Fourth, mechanisms or procedures in processing the documents within Religious Affairs environment referred to Decree No. 35 year 2012 and the General Secretary Letter No. SJ/B.V/4/Kp.02.3/146.03/2014. Fifth, associated with these policies, the completeness of the application documents is needed to be prepared and submitted a written request for a travel permit offices abroad which provide an explanation of the urgency/reason for official overseas trips and details of the program no later than two weeks (14 days) in advance.

In addition, for Echelon I, II, Chancellor, Vice-Chancellor, Chairman, Dean and Head Regional Office, a written request need to be addressed to Ministry of Religious. As for the echelon III, IV and Non-echelon clerks, letter of request addressed to the Secretary General of Religious Affairs. Additionally, officer or employee want to do overseas travel must explain the source of budget for travel expenses and the amount of fees that are used, and attach the invitation letter or notice from the organizers as well as related documents, provide a title with attachment of NIP and NIK (Identification Number) and include personal phone number and email.

Sixth, the leader of the organizational unit obliged to inform this circular to the officer or employee in the environment of each unit to be implemented in accordance with the procedures and applicable work regulations. Lastly, technical matters related to the processing of documents on official overseas travel may contact the Bureau of Justice and Foreign Cooperation MORA on JI Lapangan Banteng Barat 3-4 Central Jakarta Floor IV Block C Jakarta, telephone 021-3523930 or email: (im)

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