Al-Jami’ah Mosque, UIN NEWS Online – Takwa is keeping off from the sins of Allah (Praise be onto the almighty) by keeping all orders and keep away from the prohibition. Takwa can be achieved by improving akhlak (morals) and increase worship to Allah SWT.

“To achieve taqwa (piety), we must pray diligently and must do many dhikr to remember Allah SWT,” said Head of Sub Division Faculty of Science and Technology Drs Sya’roni when delivering kultum (seven-minute sermon) in Ramadan month in Campus after Zuhur congregation prayers in Al-Jami’ah on Wednesday (06/14/2017).

At his sermon, Sya’roni added that in order to do that muslims should be grateful for all the blessings of Allah and for what Allah has been given them by always think positively, in doing so, one must be able to empathize and keep saying good words at fasting day to achieve takwa and Blessing of Allah SWT.

“How word is spoken at fasting day, whether it is gossiping or even talking about other people’s bad thing, that’s the point that needs to be reflected together,” he said.

He also asked muslims that they should be able to look at and ask themselves how significant the value of taqwa of their own. For that reason, he persuaded all jamaah who present at the mosque to change their mindset to be a more positive person so in this holy month of Ramadlan they can reach their taqwa. “If takwa presented in percentage 1-100, how many percentage of taqwa is within us, “he said. (usa-im)