FKIK Building, UIN NEWS Online – Student institutions on university-level, such as Student Senate (Sema), Student Council (DEMA), and student activity units (UKM) declare their readiness to assist and succeed the 60th anniversary of ADIA / IAIN / UIN Jakarta. They were showing their willingness during a special meeting between the core committee of the anniversary and the student institution board in Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences (FKIK) building on Friday (21/4/2017).

The meeting which was led by Nanang Syaikhu as the event commissioner was discussing the technical issues regarding social services that will be held on UIN Jakarta land property in Cikuya, Solear, Tangerang, Banten. A total of 18 student organizations were there, two of which were Sema and Dema. The meeting was also attended by Head of Administration of FKIK Drs Rasiin MA together with some staff.

In his explanation, Nanang said that social services (baksos) will be held as part of the contribution of UIN Jakarta to community. The services will be given in the physical and non-physical form.

“The physical one will be in the form of repairing the worship facilities and planting tree seedlings, while the non-physical will be in the form of free health checks for the residents,” he said.

In addition, the anniversary celebration in Cikuya not only be filled by social services but also will be filled with cultural arts activities. Among them are art performances by students and Nusantara cultural carnival.

“The event organizers for the whole activities will be submitted and handled entirely by the students, in this case the student organizations board,” he continued.

The student institutions involvement of the event, he continued, in the mean to train students in associating to society. Furthermore, it was intended to provide an opportunity for them to create and innovate. “Our event this time is submitted entirely to the students, while we as the core committee will give support by encouraging and accommodating. We believe that the students are able to organize it well, “he said.

The social services on the anniversary ADIA / IAIN / UIN Jakarta in Cikuya will take place on 4-6 May 2017. The management organization is conducted in the form of camp (full base camp) and will be followed by 200 students. There will be various competitions on the event such as healthy long walk on the area of campus 2 UIN Jakarta.

As being scheduled, the social services begin by the opening remarks from the Rector Prof. Dr. Dede Rosyada, MA. After that followed by planting tree seedlings, then continued by free health checkup for inhabitants, and next followed by Nusantara cultural carnival that will be circling around the residential areas. (usa-im)