Rectorat Building, UIN News Online – Chairman of Community Service Center (PPM) UIN Jakarta Jaka Badranaya ME said that UIN Jakarta students who involved directly in social activities no longer need Community Outreach (KKN) accomplishment. According to him, the social activities that are regular and actual within the community have equal values in relation with KKN.

“We would enforce such policy. However, the mechanism need to be formulated in order to give comprehensible information to students, ” said Jaka to UIN News Online in the Rectorat building on Wednesday (29/03/2017).

It was said because lots of students both individually and institutionally carry on community services. It was also said that the Islamic Counseling students at Faculty of Da’wa and Communication Studies annually conduct such activities like dakwah performance in remote areas. They embrace social events or other educational activities for community concerns within awhole week and stayed amongthem. Furthermore, numerous students individually serve the community in accordance to their respective capabilities, such as being a preacher and teacher who teach Koran to children.

“Those who have done with the community service activities will be consider as KKN completion that would be supported with certain requirements in accordance with PPM terms and condition in the near future,” Jaka said.

Accordingly, Jaka was asking students who had been an active volunteer in community services to give report personally to PPM. It was intended to obtain a precise data about how many students and what activities have been done during such services. “We will also do the verification on service activities in the field,” said Jaka.

PPM organizes KKN regularly for students of sixth semester each year. The obligation does not apply to students in certain faculties, such as Faculty of Tarbiyah and Teaching Sciences and the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences. The reason is because both faculties have its own mechanisms to serve the community. Even though the mechanism is different yet the value has equally similar to regular KKN organized by the university.

“The credit units are the same, i.e. 4 semester credit units. So, that is not a problem, “he said.

Not only in the regular form but PPM also performs community service for students in the form of “In Campus” services. This services model is given to students who are capable to volunteer on campus work, both as administrative staff or personnel that require specific expertise. They substantially have to do the services work at the level of the rectorat to the faculty working units at UIN Jakarta. (im)

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