RSU, UIN New Online – There are three models of thought that developed in UIN Jakarta, Ultra Right, Ultra Left and the Wasatiyyah. This was conveyed by the Rector of UIN Jakarta Prof Dr Dede Rosyada MA during his speech in workshop that is organized by the Center for the Study of Gender and Child (PSGA) UIN Jakarta, Thursday, (2/23), at RSU UIN Jakarta.

Dede explained, one of the characteristics of Ultra right are they always issued a ban, while the Ultra left is completely permissive, while the Wasatiyyah are right in the between.

In every case that caused controversy, LGBT for example, Dede said, please do not perceived and identified as the products of UIN Jakarta.

“LGBT was not UIN Jakarta product of thought, the so-called product UIN Jakarta was officially issued by the rector,” said Dede.

As an example, six delegations from Iran came to UIN Jakarta to initiate cooperation in the field of education. Because of their visit, then rector of UIN Jakarta is getting bullied and considered as a pro Shia.

“This is the wrong way of thinking, we must respect the differences. In this case, any institution that wants to establish cooperation in the academic field, we will accommodate them properly,” he said.

Dede compare when UIN Jakarta established the cooperation with universities in Europe or America, no one is concerned, even though most of them are obviously non-Muslim.

The problem is wasathiyah has not properly socialized to the students, while they have a different tradition.

When students hold halaqah, it will be a positive if there is a mentor of the faculty who are experts in the study, so the ideas that emerge are not misled.

“This is not designed by campus, but by its own religious studies. Therefore, Islam wasathiyah need to be designed in a modern curriculum with reconstruction and in accordance with our gender-responsive environment,” he said (usa)

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