Main Assembly Room, UIN News online– The Rector Prof. Dr. Dede Rosyada MA encourages UIN Jakarta researchers conducted intensive research to produce research outcome that could affect the world of knowledge, science, and humanity. He hopes the research will not be done simply for the fulfillment of lecturers the tasks of academic line.

This was conveyed by the Rector when opening a focus group discussion (FGD) while drafting the Research Development Master Plan (RIPP) of UIN Jakarta in the Main Assembly room, Rector Building on Thursday (02/02/2017). FGD guided by LP2M Chairman Prof. Dr. Arskal Salim GP MA and was attended by headships in the faculties and departments environs.

According to the rector, UIN Jakarta made serious effort to provide support that allows professors-researchers to do research.  For example, UIN Jakarta has allocated 30% of BOPTN funds to support research funding.

From the institutional side, UIN Jakarta builds partnerships that allow professors-researchers to conduct intensive research in research institutes and world universities. Furthermore, the partnership is also done by inviting foreign university researchers do the research at UIN Jakarta.

By policy, UIN Jakarta is trying to accommodate the needs and challenges of scientific research dynamics and a growing industry today. One of them with the preparation of the RIPP and baseline research can be oriented in research activity in the coming years.

“With various policies, it is expected professors-researchers able to produce study outcome that can be published in academic journals of world and is recognized as copyright to become research products of UIN Jakarta” he explained.

Arskal which was appointed as the Chairman of RIPP Drafter Team revealed that the preparation later will be adjusted to the format of National Research Agenda by the National Research Council (DRN). In addition, RIPP will also be drafted by collecting precedence proposal from each study program on UIN Jakarta area. “Study program is representation of study areas of science,” he explained.

Discover Innovation

Dr. Ir. Bambang Setiadi as DRN Chairman suggested in the RIPP meeting previously that UIN Jakarta need to discover scientific innovation that has been the scientific groundwork of UIN Jakarta. “All the research is directed to be innovation-based and have competitiveness sense so as to compete to other research centers,” he said.

Bambang also asked UIN Jakarta able to take advantage of research opportunities and strengthen research networks. In addition, he also suggested establishing a scientific consortium involving other universities and other research institutions. (im)

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