Hall Student Center, UIN NEWS Online— Rector of UIN Jakarta Prof Dr Dede Rosyada MA bids farewell to UIN Jakarta contingent who wil compete in Science, Sport and Research Week (PIONIR) inter-varsities across the State Islamic Religious Higher Education Institution (PTKIN) in Indonesia. The farewell ceremony was done modestly at Hall Student Center, Thursday (20/4/2017).

Also attended the ceremony, Vice Rector on Student Affairs,Hadir Prof Dr Yusron Razak, AAKK Bureau  Chief Drs H Zaenal Arifin, Head of Student and Alumni Affairs Bambang Prihono SH and the staffs.

In his remarks, Rector hopes that the athletes can compete well “It is my hope that you all compete well, get high achievements, and won the competition,” he said.

Also, Rector told the athlete to stay healthy. “Stay healthy, you go with prime condition, you must return healthy as well,” he said.

Then, the Rector also told them to keep their manners and supportive. The contingent was also asked to learn to make a networking with other PTKIN students and the locale.

“There you’ll meet people with different cultural backgrounds and skin tone. Aceh is a region with tough sharia law. So, behave and keep your manners, especially female athlete to keep your awrah,” he explained.

 In the future, Rector hopes that UIN Jakarta can be chosen as the host for next PIONIR. “Because usually, the host is motivated to won the champion title,” said the President of Indonesian PTKIN Rector Forum.

Whereas Yusron said thar this year’s UIN Jakarta contingent consists of 75 people. Besides officials such as coach and guide, 56 of them are athletes, from UIN Jakarta students.

On this VIIIth PIONIR, the team will be competing in 20 competitions.the PIONIR event itself is scheduled to take place atUIN Ar-Raniry Banda Aceh from 25th April to 1 May 2017.

At the end of the ceremony, the athletes perform a song, entitled, Doaku Harapanku by Krisdatanti. The song was performed by PIONIR athlete, Mega Firdhania. All audience of the ceremony appraise the performance solemnly. (usa-rs)