Posko-GempaAceh, UIN News Online – KMPLHK Ranita UIN Jakarta sent two teams to help earthquake victims in Aceh. “The first team consists of two Ranita members, Givela Nur Khaleda and Bahrul Ulum. They immediately go to first aid post soon after they reached Banda Aceh,” said Ranita Research and Development staff Lina Sobariyah Arifin via text message to UIN News Online, Sunday, (12/11). To assist the first team, Lina continued, Ranita sends the second team on Thursday, (12/22).

The first team is tasked to make an assessment of the current situation in the worst affected area, Trianggadeng sub-district of Pidie Jaya, Aceh. Additionally, the teams are targeted to conduct a recovery program to the damaged public facilities.

“Team Aceh and Team Jakarta also coordinate the fundraising activity to the entire civitas academica of UIN Jakarta and the other parties,” said Lina.

For several weeks, Line reported, the teams found some problems, such as the natural condition which is different from Jakarta, limited access to transportation, closed social community condition, and the lack of construction financing costs.

Based on the field reports, there are two main agenda that carried out by the volunteers from UIN Jakarta, which is psychosocial and reconstruction. The psychosocial activity is conducted in Taman Pendidikan Anak at Kuta Pangwa and Tampuy village that focused on religious education.

As for the reconstruction, the assessment will be carried out in several meunasah (a place of worship) in Sagoe village and some educational areas that have not been accommodated in Trianggadeng. (usa)

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