Students Affairs Building, UIN News Online – UIN Jakarta aims to bring home gold medals at the 8th Sports,art, research and science week (Pionir) of State Islamic Higher Institution (PTKIN) throughout Indonesia in UIN  Arraniry Banda Aceh, April 26th-May 1st, 2017.

It was conveyed by the Vice Chancellor of Students Affairs Prof Dr Yusran Razak MA to UIN News online in his office, Friday, (4/6).  “Insya Allah, we are ready to bring home more gold medals at the 8th Pionir in Aceh Province this year,” he said optimistically.

According to Yusran, UIN Jakarta contingent currently conducting a variety of preparations and rehearsals, involving multiples students activity units (UKM), such as the Students Sports Federation (FORSA), Qari and Qari’ah students association (HIQMA) and Students Mountaineering Club (Ranita)

He also added that UIN Jakarta will sent a contingent of 57 athletes/participants and 11 officials. They will compete in 19 from 23 races, in the fields of sports, art, scientific research and innovative products competition, either individuals or teams.

For the sports field, UIN Jakarta sent 11 participants for competing in futsal competition, 4 persons for ping pong,  4 persons for badminton, 6 persons for pencak silat, 2 persons for karate, and 2 persons for wall climbing. For the art and scientific fields, UIN Jakarta sent 4 participants for competing in English-Arabic debate competition, 2 persons for MMQ, 2 persons for qira’atul kutub, 2 persons for MTQ 3persons for MHQ, 3 persons for MSQ, 1 person for pop music competition, 1 person for Muslim Fashion Design, 1 person for Quranic rhymes, 2 persons for al-Quran Calligraphy, 1 person for scientific article and 1 person for innovative product competition.

For information, in the 7th Pionir event in Palu, 2015, UIN Jakarta managed to obtain at least 14 medals, with 6 of them are gold medals.  “We are confident that UIN Jakarta will be able to obtain the general champion in this event,” said Yusran.

The 8th Pionir, 2017 will be officiated by the minister of Religious Affairs Lukman Hakim Saifuddin and participated by 56 PTKIN (STAIN/IAIN/UIN) throughout Indonesia. (usa)