Aula Madya, UIN News Online – To enhance the writing skill, journalist is not only expected to write straight news. Writing skills also can be developed from in-depth news such as soft news and opinion articles.

This was conveyed by Nanang Syaikhu during his presentation in Student Press Agency (LPM) Institut training event on Tuesday, (4/4). “Writing Skills and creativity will grow when the students are able to explore the ideas and events more deeply,” he said.

A journalist that is only good at writing the straight news, Nanang continued, will not give any information to the public but only the information itself. On the contrary, if a journalist is able to provide more comprehensive and investigative news, the audiences will receive information and knowledge simultaneously.

According to Nanang, a number of journalists are quite satisfied in carrying out their duties by writing the news that only appears on the surface. In fact, a dedicated journalist would write more comprehensive news.

Nanang also wished the young journalists who are active in student press institute to become a professional and reliable journalist.

“Avoid news plagiarism, profession misuse, and work according to the journalism corridors,” said Nanang.  (usa-rs)