Jakarta, UIN NEWS online– Ministry of Agricultural and Spatial Planning (ATR)/National Land Agency (BPN) has officially handed over of 39 certificates of land use rights Cikuya to UIN Jakarta. Covering an area of ​​8.2 hectares of land, certificate was given by the Minister of ATR or Head of BPN Dr Sofyan A. Djalil SH MA M.ALD, and was received by the Rector of UIN Jakarta Prof Dr Dede Rosyada MA, in the ATR Minister meeting room Jl. Singamangaraja No. 2 Kebayoran Baru 12110 Jakarta, on Friday (17/02).

There appeared at the site, the Rector of UIN Jakarta 2006-2010 period Prof Dr Komarudin Hidayat, Senator Andi M. Fatwa, Director General Troubleshooting Agricultural, Land Use and Soil, S.Muhammad Ikhsan and all officials of Ministry of ATR/BPN of Indonesian Republic, as well as Chief Bureau and Head of Department of UIN Jakarta.

In his speech, Minister of ATR, Sofyan A. Djalil said that the current numbers of land disputes are numerous. Up to now, the land dispute resolution is working to address and still continue to be settled systematically.

“We had to close the upstream and then later it will be settled in the middle. Then, the future land disputes increasingly reduced. ” Sofyan said.

In addition, according to Djalil, to combat counterfeit document makers, the minister ATR/BPN collaborates with the National Police and release the (MoU) cooperation. “This is our effort in order to restrain land disputes that persist in this country,” said Sofyan.

In the same place, the Director General Troubleshooting Agricultural, Land Use and Soil, S.M. Ikhsan stated that the land of UIN Jakarta is located in two districts of Tangerang and South Tangerang. It was affirmed on the meeting between Committee I DPD RI with the Ministry of ATR/BPN on December 16, 2016 and by the clarification from Directorate General Troubleshooting Agricultural, Land Use and Land on December 14, 2016.

“The land property is located in the Cikuya village in District Solear, formerly it was District Cisoka. In 1994, the Head of Banten Regional Office and the Head of Land Office Tangerang Province agreed to issue rights of use of 40 hectares land area certificate, to be used by UIN Jakarta, “said Ikhsan.

Furthermore, Ikhsan argued that to certify of 40 hectares of land has been completed in two stages. “On stage I we have given twenty certificates with ​​16.26 hectares of land area. In the stage II, the certificate is submitted today, a total of 39 certificates, with ​​8.2 hectares of a land area.

“For the rest of land has not certified yet, we expect UIN Jakarta immediately conduct an inventory record on these lands,” said Ikhsan.

On the same occasion, the Rector of UIN Jakarta Prof Dr Dede Rosyada MA expressed his appreciation for the issuance of the certificate on this second stage. The remaining 14 hectares of land will also be pursued to certify immediately.

“Of the 14 hectares that has not certified, the 10 hectares land has been cleared of disputes. While the rest of the 4 hectare is under negotiation, It’s because the land has not been released by the owner,” said Dede. (im)

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