MaskumambangDiorama Room, UIN News Online – Around 80 students from Maskumambang Islamic Boarding School Gresik, East Java, make a visit to UIN Jakarta. The visit was made as an introduction to the higher education program for the last year students of Madrasah Aliyah (MA) Maskumambang.

The visit which is led by the Deputy Head of MA Maskumambang Musyrofin M.Pd.I. and welcomed directly by the Head of Academic Affairs Division Ir. Yarsi Berlianti, Subdivision Head of Academic Services Dra. Nuriyah Thahir, MM and public relations staff of UIN Jakarta Eva Naulia Sm.Hk.

In his remarks, Musyrofin explained that they carried this program in order to bridge the students to enter any universities of their choice. “We hope that this visit could motivate them to continue their studies and choose the best university,” said Musyrofin.

On that occasion, the students also ask about enrollment system, study programs, accreditation, student activity units and scholarships. “Some of our students also had hafidz achievements. Hopefully, UIN Jakarta could accept them as a new student,” he said.

Meanwhile, Yarsi explained, UIN Jakarta implemented some enrollment systems for the new prospective students. “The schedules can be found at,” said Yarsi.

Besides an integrative curriculum, Yarsi continued, UIN Jakarta also offers many labor market-oriented study programs such as Accounting, Sharia Banking, and Medical Education study program. “Islamic study programs in UIN Jakarta also has a reputation for its high quality, both in the curriculum and the lecturer,” she said. (usa)

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