What exactly is special with the wall on rector building adjacent to academic building UIN Jakarta? It is an appealing scene when judging the ornaments that the wall turns out has its own allure for students, especially women, who love to take picture of herself (selfie).

UIN NEWS Online observed on Friday (03/24/2017) that a number of students in their uniform looks so busy with their camera on their cell phone. Alternately they attempted to capture the beautiful moments with a variety of styles.

“It is an interesting spot. Good for pre-wedding background, “said one student who declined to be mentioned, chuckled.

After being renovated two weeks ago, the red brick wall with artificial flower decorations have charmed on its appearance. The charm of the walls has now become viral on social media with the number of students who took Selfie. They are not only amazed by its beauty but also proud because the building has different “taste” if compare to the wall of another building in UIN Jakarta.

The interesting site of the wall seemed to have become a public break from activities. Students not just busy capturing photo images through their mobile phone cameras but also sit back and relax while eating their snacks.

“Every day, many students took selfie. Sometimes there are queue to wait their turn, “said Alimin, rectorate building employee who often see students with their activities in that place.

Estimated, at the graduation ceremony, the place would be crowded by the graduates, family, and friends.

Head of Household Section UIN Jakarta Abdul Halim said the company intentionally renovate the place prior of its less convenient. “We immediately decided to renovate following to existing buildings maintenance and budget,” he said.

The renovation of the building was not only the walls, but also canopy and lanes leading to academic buildings. ” We replaced all tiles. We even provide a special way for physically challenged people, “said Halim. (usa)

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