Harun Nasution Auditorium, UIN News Online – As many as 300 students of MA Persis Tarogong, Garut, West Java make a visit to UIN Jakarta, Thursday, (4/6). The group, led by Jaja Muhtar G s.Ag was welcomed by UIN Jakarta  Academic Administration and Cooperation Bureau chief Drs. H. Zaenal Arifin, M.Pd.I.

In his remarks, Zaenal appreciated the visit. He also explained about the terms and condition of new students application at UIN Jakarta which come from high school/vocational/Aliyah or islamic boarding school.

“The system is extremely easy for every new applicant to register. So, they do not have to register by coming directly to campus because the registration can also be done at home,” he said.

During their visit, the students get all information about UIN Jakarta, such as the faculties and departments, admission and mechanisms, tuition, scholarships, dormitories and other facilities as a learning support instrument. They were also given the opportunity to ask in order to get more detail information.

At the same occasion, Jaja this activity was held in order to introduce the students to the University life as well as to provide experiences on outer high school environments. “Hopefully, UIN Jakarta could accept them as a new student,” said Jaja.

After an hour of dialogue, the event closed with a photo session and souvenirs exchange. (usa)