Main Conference Room, UIN News Online – The Institute for Research and Community Service (LP2M) UIN Jakarta will prepare the 2017-2022 Research Development Master Plan (RIPP). Additionally, LP2M will review the university research activity baseline. The existence of RIPP and new research activity baseline is expected to accommodate the research dynamics in UIN Jakarta.

It was conveyed by the head of LP2M Prof Dr Arskal Salim GP MA during the meeting in the main conference room of UIN Jakarta, Thursday, (1/26). The meeting was attended by the dean of faculties and department head in UIN Jakarta.

“RIPP can make us more focused in conducting more featured research themes,” he said.

According to Arskal, RIPP will be required as detailed guidelines regarding UIN Jakarta’s academician research activities. It will contain featured items that match with the current issues.

Moreover, he continued, LP2M is preparing to re-evaluate and compiling new research activity baseline. Based on the previous baseline, only 8 percent of UIN Jakarta academicians who competing in scientific research and publication.

“We could achieve higher target if we had more academicians who published his/her detailed research results,” he added.

Meanwhile, RIPP itself is targeted to be consigned in April. For the preparation, LP2M will conduct discussions with each faculty and department starting in late January to early April 2017. (usa)

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