Rectorate Building, UIN NEWS Online – Participants of Local Recruitment Examination UIN Jakarta are required to do survey to their test room location before the test day of the examination which will take place on 10-11 June 2017. This survey of test locations is important seeing that the selection will be placed not only on-campus facilities but also some off-campus school buildings.

This was conveyed by Head of Public Relations UIN Jakarta Feni Arifiani MH after attending meeting preparation on the implementation of the Local Recruitment Examination in Rectorate building on Monday (6/5). The meeting was attended by some of related officials which was discussing about technical implementation on the selection test.

According to Feni, prospective students enrolled to UIN Jakarta through Local Recruitment Examination type this year recorded approximately 17,286 participants. However, since the registration has come to its end on June 2, 2017, there were still many who have not done printing of their exam card.

“Those who have not printed the card, the deadline given is until today at 16.00,” he said.

He asserted that the new prospective students who have printed their exam card are asked to immediately do the survey of the test location as listed on the card. These location surveys can be done up to the day before the exam. Survey is important and needs to be done to avoid difficulties on the test time.

“Previous experiences proved that many participants came late to their test time due to their lack of test location knowledge that was happened because they were looking for the location they did not know well where to find the building and the test room.”

Moreover, Feni also informed to all participants who came from hazardous congestion or bad traffic areas should not take the risk to commute during the exam. It is suggested to participants who live in distance areas from house to campus to stay temporarily in a boarding house or rent house. This way reduces risk of delays so that participants can take their exam on time as specified in their schedule.

Implementation of this test will be located at a number of points, and it will be placed both on campus 1 and campus 2. Additionally, some school buildings near the campus will also be used in accordance to the number of abundant participants.

The location of the test at campus 1 and covers all campus buildings in the faculty area (including the former Faculty of Adab and Humanities), Harun Nasution Auditorium, Student Center building, Central Library building, Madya Hall, and ex-Pharmacy building. Then another points is in SMPN 3 building, SMA / SMK Triguna Utama building, and MIN building on Jalan Nurul Huda.

While on campus 2 (Pisangan / Cireundeu Area) covers all faculty buildings (FISIP, FKIK, FPsi, Graduate School, FKIK, and FAH). Some of the school buildings include SMK Yayasan Miftahul Jannah at Jalan Limun / Jalan Ir Juanda, SMK Nusantara at jalan Tarumegara, Madrasah Pembangunan UIN Jakarta, Ma’had Aly building at jalan Tarumanegara, and Psychology Service Center (PLP) building on Jalan Kertamukti. (usa)