Masjid Jami, UIN NEWS Online – The month of Ramadan is a month that has so many virtues and blessings. Because in that month, the entire Holy Book came down, including the Qur’an as a guide for the people of Prophet Muhammad SAW.

This is the second excerpt of the Short Lecture (Kultum) delivered by the Vice Rector for Student Affairs UIN Jakarta, Prof. Dr. Yusran Razak MA, at the Jami Student Center Mosque Campus I UIN Jakarta, Monday (05/21/2018).

“The month of grace is the month when we do ibada and other goodness, the reward is doubled. In this holy month too, all scriptures are revealed to the Apostles,” said Yusran.

Furthermore, on the occasion, Yusran asserted, that the month of Ramadan brings the spirit of change to the better. This month also has a high faith value needed to carry out fasting, not only to held back hunger and thirst, but to hold back from everything that is prohibited by religion, especially those acts which can cancel the reward of fasting.

“Therefore, fasting requires a strong faith, and a high expectation to Allah SWT. That’s all we do merely to get closer (taqorrub) to our Creator, “he said.

He hopes, by fasting a month full time, we’ll be able to change ourselves for the better relation to fellow beings and also with the Creator.

“With the fasting month of Ramadhan, it is expected to be able to form ourselves into a faithful and devoted human being, where, faith and devotion is always a character in our life in other months,” he hoped.

At the end of the delivery, Yusron also congratulate the fasting month of Ramadan 1439 H, hoping that this year’s fasting fast is better in all things, from previous years.

From the observation of UIN NEWS Online, this year’s Ramadhan in Campus activities get enthusiastic from all UIN Jakarta academic community. This is seen from the number of pilgrims who come to the mosque to perform dzuhur prayers in congregation followed by al-Qur’an recitation (usa-rs)


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