Diorama Room, UIN NEWS Online – As a religion that has rahmatan lil’ alamin characteristic, Islam does not prevent women to pursue a career in public spaces. Instead, Islam would encourage Muslim women to grow and progress, including pursuing higher education.

That was conveyed by the Rector of UIN Jakarta Prof Dr Dede Rosyada saat whilst opening the Seminar on Teens Reproductive Health organized by Center for the Study of Gender and Child (PSGA) at Diorama Room, Thursday (4/6). “There have been rumors that religion forbids women to pursue careers. But now religion should be a spirit for women to grow and progress, “he said.

Although, the study about gender mainstreaming to date is still the public issue that is highly discussed by various circle. This also includes gender studies in UIN Jakarta by PSGA.

Interestingly, when the gender studies are so much discussed in the campus, the amount of women that shows up on the board of leaders is just a few, such as being a Faculty’s Dean. In fact, almost throughout the history of UIN Jakarta until now, the rector position was still dominated by men.

“I see no photographs of women rector showed, the rectors were all men,” he said.

Rector sees the fact that is only few women shows up in public space and held high positions can be affected by several factors, one of them is domestic factor. The impact of domestic factor, amongst them, such as the women is satisfied enough, for example, when she had handsome husband and independent income.

“So, that was one of many factors that prevent women to charge forward and compete,” said the Rector.

PSGA Seminar on Teens Reproductive Health was attended by both high school and university students. The speakers present are dr Budinintyas SpOG (obstetricians and gynecology specialist of Syarif Hidayatullah Hospital UIN Jakarta) and Sophie Dwiyanti SPsi (Psychiatrist and the lecture of Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences UIN Jakarta).  This event is moderated by Dr Siti Aisyah Jauhari (Lecturer of FKIK). (usa-rs)

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