Main Conference Room, UIN NEWS Online— New Admission Selection Process (SPMB) Mandiri UIN Jakarta for academic year 2017/2018 will be opened starting from 10th  April until 2nd June 2017. Thus, UIN Jakarta is doing various preparations to increase the service for the prospective student, and also to minimize flaws and error occurred in previous years.

That was conveyed by Head of Academic Administration and Cooperation (AKK)  Drs H Zaenal Arifin MPdI, when he opened the UIN Jakarta SPMB Mandiri  2017 preparation meeting, Wednesday (05/04), that took place at Main Conference Room, 2nd floor of Rectorate Building.

Rector of UIN Jakarta Prof Dr Dede Rosyada MA was present and giving direction, Vice Rector of Cooperation Prof Dr Murodi MA, Head of Public Administration and Civil Service Bureau (AUK)Dr H Rudi Subiyantoro MPd, Representatives of UIN Jakarta Bank Partners, The Head of Department, Head of Sub-Department, and the parties related to the smoothness of admission process.

In the beginning of his remarks, the rector thanked UIN Jakarta bank partners who have been assisting the success of UIN Jakarta new admissions.

“Hopefully, this year’s admissions to run smoothly and be able to accommodate all the applicants, and also minimize the errors, by more thorough preparation,” said the rector.

He also added that UIN Jakarta potential applicant continued to increase. As the data from academic department stated that the majority of applicants originated from Banten, DKI Jakarta, West Java, and South Sumatra. Then, followed by Central Java and East Java origins.

“At least, prospective students who applied to UIN Jakarta originated from 20 provinces out of 34 provinces in Indonesia. Thus, for UIN Jakarta bank partners, we requested the coordination with all branches in Indonesia, that the branches understand the flow and technique of UIN Jakarta New Student admission methodology,” said the Professor of Education Methodology.

According to the rector, to date, the amount of UIN Jakarta applicants through SPAN PTKIN and SNMPTN have reached 51 thousands applicants. This proves that UIN Jakarta increasingly sought and has a place in hearts of the public.

“The better our services to the applicant, it directly lifts and lives up the image of the institution in public’s eyes. Therefore, coordination between UIN Jakarta and bank partners is needed to give a satisfying service to the public,” he added.

At the same place, Zaenal Arifin said that this preparation meeting is deliberately done to finalize every aspects, which is expected to minimize technical errors and miscommunication, both for internal committee and with the partners,” he said to UIN NEWS

For info, on this year’s SPMB Mandiri, UIN Jakarta in cooperation with three bank partners, such as Bank Negara Indonesia (BNI), Mandiri, dan Bank Tabungan Negara (BTN). Thus, the prospective students are able to register themselves online or by coming to the UIN Jakarta bank partners. (usa)