kendariFITK Building, UIN News Online – IAIN Kendari, Southeast Sulawesi to explore cooperation with the Faculty of Tarbiyah and Teachers Training (FITK) of UIN Jakarta in the field of the postgraduate development program. It is intended to make the postgraduate program in IAIN Kendari able to compete with another university in the field of a postgraduate program, especially with another State Islamic University (PTKIN).

The cooperation plan is delivered by IAIN Kendari Vice Rector of Cooperation and Student Affairs Dr Yahya Obaid to the FITK officials of UIN Jakarta in FITK Building, Tuesday, (12/27). During the visit, Yahya was accompanied by the Director of Postgraduate Programs (PPs) IAIN Kendari Dr Supriyanto, the head of Islamic studies study program Dr Imelda Wahyuni, the head of Islamic Law study program Dr Halimah. While the officials of FITK UIN Jakarta were represented by Vice Dean of Academic Affairs Muhammad Zuhdi, M. Ed, Ph.D., Vice Dean of General Administration Dr. Ahmad Sofyan, M.Pd, Vice Dean of Student Affairs, Alumni and Cooperation Dr. Fauzan, MA, and the head of Islamic Management Education Master Program Dr Jejen Musfah.

Yahya explained that the cooperation with master’s level program in FITK is expected to provide a positive value for the advancement of the program itself, FITK UIN Jakarta is considered has enough experience in managing and developing its postgraduate program.

“We hoped this cooperation would go smoothly according to the plan,” he said.

According to Yahya, IAIN Kendari PPs is still needed a lot to learn, especially to PPs FITK UIN Jakarta through the cooperation scheme, both in the fields of academic, research, and community service.

“We will be working together, for example in the form of student exchange, staff exchange or joint research,” he explained.

Meanwhile, Muhamad Zuhdi appreciated PPs IAIN Kendari which will cooperate with PPs FITK UIN Jakarta. The cooperation is expected to strengthen the inter-institutional of PTKIN under the Ministry of Religious Affairs.

Same as PPs IAIN Kendari, PPs FITK UIN Jakarta also has four master programs with four study programs, namely English Education, Islamic Education, Arabic Education and Islamic Management Education.

“We are very thankful to IAIN Kendari who want to establish cooperation with FITK UIN Jakarta. Hopefully, the cooperation will be beneficial to both parties,” said Zuhdi. (usa)

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