FSH Building, UIN NEWS Online— Faculty of Sharia and Law (FSH) UIN Jakarta organized mediation training. The training is aimed to prepare the graduate with skills of conflict resolution and non-litigation conflict.

The training was held for two days, Tuesday – Wednesday (11-12/04) and took place at First floor of Aula Madya UIN Jakarta, from 09.00 to 16.00 WIB.

Coordinator of FSH Economic Law, Hidayatullah MH, told UIN NEWS Onlinethat the training is aimed to give the senior student the skills of alternative conflict resolution, mediation which prioritize win-win solution.

During the two days, the 125 participants received materials on introduction to the conflict, dispute resolution forms, understanding, stages, and mediation engineering skills, and PERMA’s implementation of mediation procedures in court.

Added Hidayatullah, students not only accept the theoretical aspects presented in the training, but also get the case of mining companies dispute from the speaker and are required to make a mediation simulation.

“In a group, some act as mediators and act as the parties to the dispute,” he explained.

For information, this training was held in cooperation with FSH UIN Jakarta with Indonesian Institute of Conflict Transformation (IICT). IICT is one of the mediation training institutions accredited by the Supreme Court.

Present as the speakers in the training, among others,  Sri Mamudji S.H MLL, Siti Megadianty Adam SH MEL, Diarani O Thamrin SH, and Mohammad Noor SAg.

“The two-day period was too short for a mediation training, but we felt valuable benefits both in theory and practice. Ideally professional mediation training takes 40 hours. Nevertheless, this short training can be an experience for me and my friends as a law degree candidate “said one of the participants when found UIN NEWS Online after attending the training. (usa)