FKIK Auditorium, UIN News Online – The Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences (FKIK) UIN Jakarta held the 9th nurses oath for its 33 students at FKIK Auditorium Campus 2 UIN Jakarta, Wednesday, (2/22). Present in the event, Vice rector of academic affairs Dr Fadhilah Suralaga M.Si, Dean of FKIK Dr Arif Sumantri  MKes, the head of Indonesian National Nurses Association (PPNI) Banten  H M. Darajat Skm Mkm, representative director Fatmawati Hospital Fatmawati Sugiasih, Skeb, Mkeb and the Nursing Science Department head of UIN Jakarta Maulina Handayani Msc.

In her remarks, Fadhillah advised the participants that nurses are on the front line in treating the patients in the hospital. He also added that the graduate to keep the good image of UIN Jakarta alma mater. “Don’t forget to contribute and devoted yourself in Islamic Boarding School (Pesantren), considering that health management in Pesantren is yet optimal so many of the students who are in less healthy condition,” she said.

In line with vice rector, dean of FKIK Dr Arif Sumantri  MKes hopes that the nurses oath will make the nurse will be more responsible for what will be assigned to him, and hopefully UIN Jakarta nurses will be accepted by the society.

The implementation of the oath itself is meant to provide legal protection and validity of ethics as a nurse graduate.

The representative director of Fatmawati Hospital Sugiarsih said that the oath is a sacred moment for the students as well as their parents and their teachers. “This moment is expected to be a way to establish cooperation between UIN Jakarta and Fatmawati Hospital in the form of joint research in the field of nursing area,” she said.

At the same place, the head of PPNI Banten said that the nurses do not just clever and competent in the field of nursing, but also should be coupled with piety manners. Because the smart sense without a good attitude is equal to zero. (rs)

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