Main Auditorium, UIN NEWS online– Student Executive Council (DEMA) Faculty of Tarbiya and Teaching Science (FITK) UIN Jakarta holds education seminar and launching “Let’s Teach” community. The theme raised was Optimizing the Role of Youth as an Effort to Realize the Golden Indonesia, was held on Wednesday (29/03), at the Auditorium of Harun Nasution, and was officially opened by FITK Deputy Dean for Academic Affairs Muhammad Zuhdi, M.Ed, PhD.

In his speech, Zuhdi appreciated on the seminar and community launching. He hoped this event will be able to cultivate the spirit and motivation of FITK students particularly to inculcate constantly educate and teach within each, anywhere and anytime soon.

“If we want to develop, grow, and be competitive, we should be able to educate the younger generation,” Zuhdi said.

In addition, he added, to create the generation which has spirit, intelligent and competitiveness, it must be first started from the teachers as educators.

“We have to be a smart, spirited, motivated teacher and educator at the same time and able to be a motivator who can motivate ourselves then others.” he said.

According to him, being an educator who practically has the mission to educate the next generation is a noble profession. It was mentioned in religious conviction that the best man is those that are beneficial to other human beings.

“With the science we have, teaching will not reduce the knowledge we have. Instead, within the teaching itself, will add and strengthen the knowledge we have because if we want to teach, we have to learn and keep on learning, “he said.

At the end of his speech, Zuhdi told all the participants to take the advantages from the precious moments which bring about presenter who are competent in their field. Lastly, He hoped that this event forward, run well in accordance with what has been planned.

UIN NEWS monitored at locations site, the event assigned three speakers, which include Dr. Bahrissalim MPd (Director of Madrasah Pembangunan), Ferdinal Lafendry MPd (International School Motivator), and Andi Angger S SP (Founder of Banten Teaching.  Direct Activists), and have attended by all students and academicians FITK UIN Jakarta. (usa)

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