FDI, UIN News Online – The 7th lnvitasi Pekan Pengembangan Bakat dan Minat Mahasiswa (IPPBMM) for State Islamic Religious College (PTKIN) 2018 was held at IAIN Purwokerto from April 24-27, 2018 with 31 competitions, the national prestigious competition was followed by PTKIN in all over Java and Madura as well as other PTKIN in Indonesia such as IAIN Padangsidimpuan, IAIN Mataram and others.

A number of FDI student matches as UIN Jakarta delegates only follow the Arabic Debate Competition (Ismiyati, 2nd semester student) and Football (Anjas Selistiawan, 6th semester student), managed to become the 3rd Winner.

According to Ismiyati “In this Arabic Debate Competition it is a big challenge for UIN Jakarta to get gold especially in the Arabic Debate branch, because UIN Jakarta sends its juniors participating in the competition, it is no wonder their rivals are inversely proportional to where they are has become a senior in the debate competition and has tasted the contests outside Indonesia. Representatives from UIN Jakarta are Ismiyati, along with Ikhlasul Amalluddin (4th semester student), have Indonesia great debater who has no doubt his abilities such as Miftah Farid from UIN Sunan Gunung Djati etc.  UIN Jakarta debate team keep trying to see any possibility,” she explained.

UIN Jakarta debate team who are in position to 7 of 8 taken in the provision not to be outdone by the pessimistic feeling, they still practice and practice in realizing his dream and won gold. However, God’s plan will be different, the UIN Jakarta Debt Team occupy the 2nd position in the semifinals, after they arise finally lead them to the final of the 7th National IPPBMM debate. And finally, UIN Jakarta debate team can reach the 3rd position after UIN Yogjayakarta and UIN Malang.

While in Football matches, Anjas Selistiawan said that “The UIN Jakarta team had won the Group B qualifier, and was eventually defeated by the hosts in the semi-finals. In the race for the third champion, UIN Jakarta team must face one of the toughest rival, the team from UIN Bandung,” said Anjas. (usa-rs)

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