Jakarta, UIN NEWS Online— Faculty of Dirasah Islamiyah (FDI) debate team won as the champion on Gebyar Apresiasi Mahakarya (GAM) competition. The event was placed on Faculty of Languages and Arts Universitas Negeri Jakarta (UNJ), Monday – Wednesday (28-30/11).

FDI UIN Jakarta only sent one team Al-Abqary, which consists of three students. Among them are Muhammad Difa El Haq (first semester) as the first speaker, Khairul Mufid zubairi (third semester) as the second speaker, and Kenang Nurullah (third semester) as the third speaker.

It was also known that before winning GAM, Al-Abqary also won as the second best in national-scale Arabic debate competition at Festival Jazirah Arab (FJA) UIN Maliki Malang.

Besides UIN Jakarta, there are several universities participate on the annual event. Such as, Gadjah Mada University, University of Indonesia, Islamic University of Indonesia, Indonesia Education University, IAIN Lampung, Stiba Ar-Rayah and other educational institution that also listed as the event participant.

The mechanism of this competition is using three rounds, on the elimimation round, the topic was about the Increase of Regional Minimum Wages in Indonesia.

In the quarter final, Al-Abqary was facing Jakarta State University (UNJ) debate team A with the topic on the issue  abput Extending the Contract of Freeport. Resulted in the victory of Al-Abqary team with 1045 points, followed by the second best, Ar-Rayah team A with 1080 pointsand six other team, Debate team of Faculty of Language and Literature UIN Jakartawith 1037 points, UII team B with 991 points, Ar-Rayah team B with 985 points, UNJ team A with 978 points, UGM with 964 points, and UMJ with 953 points.

Finally, FDI UIN Jakarta Debate team Al-Abqary made it into the final round and snatched the Champion title after defeating Ar-Rayah debate team A. Al-Abqary succeded in gaining 1135 points, followed by the runner up, Ar-Rayah that gained 1077 points, and the runner up goes to Ar-Rayah B debate team.

When confirmed by UIN NEWS Online team, one of Al-Abqary team member, Muhammad Difa El Haq said, that he and his team are grateful and also proud of what they have achieved. Besides, he hopes Al-Abqary can improve the achievement in a long run by participating in bigger scaled competition.

“I hope Al-Abqary could win International scale debate competition and take UIN Jakarta’s name to the international world,” he hoped. (rs/usa)

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