yannicFaculty of Adab and Humanities, UIN News Online – Islamic art has a significant role in the modern art development, including the appearance of contemporary elements such as abstraction and the philosophy of beauties. Islamic arts also bring inspiration in processing the calligraphy into decoration motifs; this decoration is known as arabesque.

This was conveyed by Director of the Islamic Art Departement Musee de Louvre France Yannic Link PhD during the Islamic Art and History Seminar which took place at the Faculty of Humanities UIN Jakarta, Wednesday, (25/1).

On the same occasion, the dean of Faculty of Adab and Humanities UIN Jakarta Prof Syukron Kamil MA explained that this seminar aims to provide information about the history of Islamic arts in indonesia and the world.

“Islamic architecture has a long historical record. Since the first hijri year, Islamic arts are still famous to this present day, and it’s not stand on its own like Buddha or Western arts,” he said.

He also added that the spread of Islamic arts is the results of the Mongolian conquest and expansion from Islamic Kingdom around the Middle East, North Africa, Asia Minor and Europe. (im)

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