Rectorate, UIN NEWS Online   -The participants of the Independent Exam (UM) are encouraged to check the location or exam room before the exams. Site checking is done no later than D-1 Exam.

Similarly said by Head of Public Relations UIN Jakarta Feni Arifiani to UIN NEWS Online in his office on Wednesday (05/30/2018). “Checking the location is important to prevent participants from being late to the exam room,” he said.

Based on last year’s experience, said Feni, a number of participants have delayed entering the exam room. In addition to factors do not know the location of the exam, not a few participants who come late because stuck in traffic.

“If there are participants who use private or public vehicles, we urge to leave early,” he said.

As is known, UIN Jakarta will hold entrance test through UM on 2 June 2018. The test starts at 07.30 WIB and will end at 11.00 for group A (religious and social) and group B (science). As for group C (mixed), the exam ends at 11.50 WIB. Noted there are about 17,000 participants who will take the exam in this path

The test locations are spread out at a number of points, namely on campus 1, campus 2, campus 3, and campus 4. Other locations are in several buildings, such as schools and dormitories.

In order to provide information services to the participants, the committee involved at least 80 boy scouts and regiments. They are deployed at a number of points and the task will be to direct or instruct participants who are expected to start arriving from 05.00 WIB.

“Scout and menwa officers have directed us to be ready for the smooth flow of participants,” said Feni. (usa)

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