SPs UIN Jakarta New Students Participate in Orientation Day


SPs Building, UIN NEWS Online – New students who passed the selection test are participating the Student Orientation and Academic Studies. The orientation is followed by 78 participants and opened by the Director of SPs UIN Jakarta Prof Dr Masykuri Abdillah at SPs building of UIN Jakarta on 20-22 February 2017.

“This orientation aims to introduce new students about academic culture in SPs UIN Jakarta. They must know and understand the various aspects related to academic activities, including the use of all campus facilities, “said Masykuri to NEWS UIN Online, Monday (02/20/2017).

Students who follow Orientation consists of master programs and doctoral programs students as 52 and 26 people. They are the new students passed selection which was held on 31 January to 1 February 2017.

Meanwhile, Deputy Director for Academic Affairs, Institutional Development and Alumni Prof. Dr. Didien Saepudin explains, it is important to new students to follow the orientation before entering the class lecture at the beginning of March. Material presented not only normative but also matters of a technical nature, as for example, about the techniques and rules of writing scientific papers (papers, theses, dissertations) and the preparation of the abstract and proposal.

“Since the requirement of writing scientific papers in SPs UIN Jakarta is very tight, they (freshman, Red) have to really understand the rules.

In addition, an explanation of the scientific thesis is useful to help students in writing and completing a thesis or dissertation, “said Didin who is also the Chairman of the Doctoral Program.

Other materials provided in between is about technique regarding articles downloading access from international journals both in Arabic and English. This material is provided in order to strengthen and expand the students horizons of to the writing of scientific papers published internationally.

At the end of the event, the students were then introduced to some means of supporting learning around SPs building, such as library, administrative room, and quiet room. (im)