Puslitpen Allocates Rp 13.9 Billion Research Grants

Rector Building, UIN NEWS Online– Research and Publication Centre (Puslitpen) UIN Jakarta allocates research grants in 2016 amounting to Rp 13.9 billion. This grant will be used to fund 328 submitted research proposals. Puslitpen own share of research this year into nine clusters of research.

This was conveyed by the head of UIN Jakarta Wahdi S.Ag Puslitpen MA in office Puslitpen, Rector Building lt 3, Tuesday (09/02). According Wahdi, research grant proposals can be submitted to the lecturer-researchers effective from 14 January to 20 February 2016.

Wahdi added, “For the lecturers, researchers who want to know the detailed information about this research in 2016, can access the site http://puslitpen.uinjkt.ac.id,” he explained.

Of the 328 types of researches, they will be divided into nine types of studies. Among them, 50 were starters with quota proposals, the amount of Rp 10 million per grant proposal. Governance Institutional Research Development of 50 proposals, each of Rp 25 million per proposal. Then, the Scientific Development Policy Integration to 50 proposals, each of Rp 25 million per proposal, and Development Studies/Science for 50 proposals, each of Rp 50 million per proposal).

Furthermore, this type of research for the development of Islamic Studies 50 proposals, each of Rp 50 million per proposal; Development of Intellectual Property Rights for the 30 proposals, each of Rp 50 million per proposal). After that, the Development Cooperation and the Banking Industry to 30 proposals to Rp 50 million per proposal, the Inter-University Cooperation to 5 proposal to Rp 70 million per proposal. Lastly, the International Cooperation for the 13 proposals to Rp 200 million per proposal. (Translated by Ihsan/Safee Peters)