FIDK, UIN NEWS Online – In order to welcome the “Campus Broadcasting Expo” which will be held in September, DNK TV UIN Jakarta held a talk show themed “Revolution of Youtube, What About TV” in Theater Room of Faculty of Da’wah and Communication Sciences (FDIK), Wednesday (05/02/2018). The event was attended by Youtuber Ewing HD and Start Up Digital Media Producer Asumsi Dwi Anggraini.

As a content creator, Ewing HD in this digital age, young people prefer to watch youtube rather than television. Youtuber with 586,844 numbers of subscribers confirms that YouTube is more accessible than television, so more on- demand.

Agreed with Ewing, Dwi Anggraini or often called Anggi also assume that YouTube is more flexible, no time regulation like television and can be accessed anywhere.

“On YouTube, the audience can directly respond like criticizing the government through the video, and give feedback in the comments column,” said Anggi.

According to Anggi, to create creative content it should begin by looking at the viewpoint of journalists and the public, multiplying reference spectacle and reading, observing, and doing small talk with the surrounding community.

“Sometimes, news can be revealed just from daily conversation. I hope with the ease of access in technology, young people in Indonesia are more intelligent in choosing content, not easily provoked, and not being intimidative in the digital world,” she said.

Unlike Anggi, Ewing argues that everything starts from writing. “it started from writing because a good idea usually comes from writing,” said the man who is identical with the horror content on YouTube. He hopes that more content creator in Indonesia.

Chief Executor Talkshow Faiz Dzulfikri explains, the theme “YouTube Revolution, What About TV” was chosen because it saw the high interest of audiences against YouTube. Ewing HD and Dwi Anggraini are also invited as speakers because they are creative, experienced, and have interesting content. Faiz expects CBX to be a better event by presenting more qualified speakers. (usa)

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