DKI Jakarta, UIN News Online – DKI Jakarta Provincial Government will bear tuition fee of 85 UIN Jakarta’s students who have DKI Jakarta ID’s through Kartu Jakarta Mahasiswa Unggul (KJMU).

This information was conveyed by the head of UPT P4OP Dinas Pendidikan Provinsi DKI Jakarta, Nahdiana in a letter addressed to the Rector of UIN Jakarta, dated January 31, 2017. Based on the letter, this program is prepared by the DKI Jakarta administration for underprivileged students.

“Based on Governor Decree number 2437, 2016 and Jakarta Governor Regulation Number 133, 2016, all tuition fees will be borne by Jakarta Provincial Government through the KJMU program,” said Nahdiana.

The distribution of the student tuition fees by Jakarta Provincial Government is confirmed after UIN Jakarta established as one of the 79 state universities that are being targeted as KJMU distribution. The proposal itself is delivered directly by the letter from the Head of Governance of Jakarta, Premi Lasari, No. 1772 / 072-26 dated July 4, 2016, followed by its signing of the MoU between the UIN Jakarta and the Jakarta government.

The Head of Cooperation and Institution Division Drs. Rasyi’in, MA said that the KJMU that will be issued by the Jakarta Government will distribute the scholarship funds worth Rp 18 million per person per year or equivalent to Rp 1.5 million per person per month.

KJMU itself is an extension of Jakarta Smart Card program (KJP). The difference, KJP only supports underprivileged children educational financing in elementary, junior high, to high school, while KJMU give the financing support to underprivileged students who want to continue their study to college or public universities. (usa)

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