Student Center, UIN NEWS Online – Executive Students Council of UIN Jakarta (DEMA UIN) held the inaugural national discussion ahead of their inauguration as university student officials. This time, DEMA UIN held a discussion themed “Questioning Tolerance, Guessing plurality”, in Student Center, Monday (30/01/2017).

The theme of this discussion is taken as a reflection on the tolerance problems and celebration of the national diversity of Indonesia. The discussion that participated by hundreds of students from various faculties was opened by Vice Rector for Student Affairs of UIN Jakarta Prof. Dr. Yusron Razak M.Si,. Also presents as the keynote speakers, the author of Islam Pluralist Dr. Budhy Munawwar MA Rahman, Member of House of Representatives Commission VIII KH. Maman Imanul Haq, and Researcher from Setara Institute Sudarto, S.Ag., MA.

In his opening remarks, Razak appreciates the board of DEMA UIN Jakarta which held a discussion as academic reflection and concern over the pluralistic nation. He hopes the discussion as a tradition on actual problems needs to get accustomed by students of UIN Jakarta. “The discussion should always be cultivated by students as an agents of change,” he said.

Budhy in his presentation said that the reality of pluralism in various socio-cultural aspects needs to be dealt with grace attitude. This attitude will raise the acceptance and appreciation of diverse realities. According to him, the heartiness in religious life will bring the advancement progress and quality of life in a pluralistic society.

“When it manifested in a form of mutual trust on others good faith, mutual respect on others rights of religion, mutual restraint on others religious diverse way of teachings, beliefs and habits, which may be dissimilar to the teachings, beliefs on one owns habits, “he said.

While Maman explained that the importance of tolerance awareness in religious life bear harmonious relationship bond between citizens. According to him, the nation harmonious element is a key to realize national prosperity and accelerating the development of communities. (im)


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