UIN NEWS Online – The New UIN Syarif Hidaytullah Jakarta Central Library, was operating officially on 8th September 2016. The existence of the new UIN central library is used in line with the new students of the Academic year of 2016-2017. The main library is a center where students, lecturers can read or borrow books.

Except someone who is not a student or lecturer of UIN Jakarta, that falls into general category, can borrow books for a copy at the time limit of 1 hour and had to leave their ID as collateral. The books available are pretty much complete such as novel, jurisprudence, philosophy, history, and general works.

Book lending system in the central library of UIN is using a student identification cards or KTM. Students are required to activate their KTM that can be used used to borrow books. Activation can be done anytime, but the center of the main library activation schedule for this year is scheduled on October 3 to December 30, 2016. Specifically to new students UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta, the card is valid for as long as they are student at UIN Syarif Hidayatullah. However, the card should remain activated annually.

Lending system at any library there never was running smoothly. As in the UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Library Center, there are hundreds of books were damaged in a day. It is because the sense of belonging and keeping the books are not deeply embedded to every reader. In the other hand, fixing a book is not easy, especially the size of thick books. A thick book takes about 3 days to be returned intact. Because damage can also occur because of the loss and the clerk must collect the missing pieces somehow that book back intact.

Lending system of the book should use individual KTM. One student, one KTM, and one responsibility. This avoids the risk for delay to return a book by someone else. If there are other people who borrowed KTM to borrow books, the book was returned late then they refuse to take responsibility, the issue will return to the card owner. Because the card owner is the one whose data is in the system. Such  events should be avoided in every library.

Delays sometimes ignored by most people, because of petty fines. However, in fact it is a problem. As Siti Maryam, S.Ag, SS, M. Hum, the coordinator of UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta central library technical services said that the delay return the book is indeed a problem “The fine might not be much, but the problem is the person who denies the right of others to read because of the lateness,” said Siti Maryam. (usa)

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