Rectorate,  UIN NEWS Online – Banten Governor Wahidin Halim is scheduled to fill a lecture at the Siaturahim and Halal bi Halal Idul Fitri 1438 H of big family of UIN Jakarta at Harun Nasution Auditorium on July 12, 2017. Wahidin will speak on the theme of “Strengthening Silaturahim, Unity and National Unity.”

Thus the press release from UIN Jakarta Public Relation received by UIN NEWS Online, Thursday (06/22/2017). The press release also mentioned Halal bi Halal event of big family of UIN Jakarta will be attended by all citizens of academic community as well as a number of public figures and government officials.

Head of Publication and Docmentation Division of Feni Arifiani MH told UIN News online that there are at least two reasons for Board of Leaders of UIN Jakarta to invite Banten Governor Wahidin Halim to speak at UIN Jakarta campus. First, the UIN Jakarta campus is geographically located in the province of Banten, so it is very natural to invite the governor who leads the area and, secondly, Wahidin Halim is the new governor of Banten which was recently inaugurated by President Jokowi. Wahidin Halim’s presence as Governor of Banten will be utilized as introduction with civitas academica of UIN Jakart.

“So, we want a strong silaturrahim bonds between UIN Jakarta and Banten Provincial Government. Halal bi Halal momentum is also purposed to explain about the role and contribution of UIN Jakarta for the development of Banten Province which has been built for a long time,” he said.

Feni hopes friendship between UIN Jakarta and Banten Provincial Government can be well established because the two institutions needs each other, especially in the field of human resource development. Even statistically, the number of students who come from Banten region is currently quite large and they study at UIN Jakarta  because it is close by.

“Hopefully the Banten Provincial Government has more attention to the students from their region, for example by providing scholarships for economically marginalized students,” Feni hopes.

Wahidin Halim was inaugurated as Governor of Banten on May 12, 2017. He replaced Rano Karno, who served as governor of the governor’s office since May 13, 2015.

The man born in Tangerang August 14, 1954 is a Democratic Party politician and brother of former Foreign Minister Hassan Wirajuda (2001-2009). He also served as Tangerang Mayor for the period 2003-2013.

In the Election of Regional Head (Pilkada) Banten Province 2017, Wahidin Halim won it with Andika Hazrumy who became his current deputy. (usa-rs)