Aula Madya, UIN News Online – In order to generate young and professional journalist, UIN Jakarta Student Press Agency (LPM) Institut holds Training Pres Institut (TPI) to 25 prospective members. They will receive journalism basic education presented by senior journalists, both alumni of LPM Institut as well as from the national mass media.

The chairman of LPM Institut Dicky Prastya to UIN News Online in Aula Madya, Tuesday, (4/11), said that the prospective new journalists come from students from various departments / faculties, and has passed the initial selection. They will participate in regular training for a month on April, 4th-29th, 2017 in Aula Madya every weekend.

“They will receive intensive training in order to adapt to the world of journalism,” he said.

During the training, the participants are not only equipped with basic journalism knowledge and skills such as news writing and interview technique. They were also given knowledge about the laws or regulations of mass media and journalistic ethics code.

According to Dicky, participants also required to participate in the field trainings, such as news reporting. It aim to enable the participants to understand their duty and responsibilities as a journalist while working in the mass media.

“Field training program were deemed necessary for the participants to train their mentality and working spirits. That’s because the journalist profession is extremely difficult, especially before the deadline,” he said.

LPM Institut is one of the student activity units (SMEs) at the university level which facilitate the students to develop their talents and writing skills. In addition to publishing a bi-monthly tabloid, this SME also manages newsletters, online portals, and journals. (usa-im)

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